Frequently Asked Questions

What is Throw Dough made of?
Throw Dough is a soft plastic that has a silicon base. It is non-toxic and has the texture and feel of hand-tossed dough

Who Invented Throw Dough?
Throw Dough was invented by Steve Carb in the early 1990’s. He owned a pizza store and wanted to have something he could use to practice pizza tossing. He worked for months in his basement coming up with the formula to simulate pizza dough.

What should I do if my Throw Dough gets sticky?
Use baby powder or flour to give it the original dough feeling.

What do I do if I leave Throw Dough on newsprint or if it gets dirty?
When you leave Throw Dough on newsprint or anything of color it tends to stick to the dough. If you drop it several times in the dirt or on a dirty surface then it is time to clean it. You should wash it with soap and warm water. When it is completely dry, add baby powder or flour to the dry dough.

Why is my Throw Dough thicker than another Throw Dough I bought earlier?
Throw Dough is hand-poured in the USA. Each dough is unique. Although they measure the plastic, there are always slight variations from 1-4 oz. If you want to guarantee that your doughs are the same weight, then you should buy multiples doughs at the same time. OR you could weigh your existing dough, and we can make sure the we send you a dough with the same weight.

What if I poke a hole in my Throw Dough?
Throw Dough is much stronger than real dough, but sometimes it does get holes in it. If you have a small rip or a small hole you can melt it back together. Only adults should do this: You can heat up a butter knife and press it against the side of the rip, when the plastic has melted, cover the melted plastic over the hole. Do this for both sides of the hole and both sides of the dough. Let it cool at least 2 hours before melting the other side. DO NOT INHALE FUMES FROM PLASTIC.

If you have a larger rip, then you will have to buy a new Throw Dough, but next time use these tips so it won’t happen again.

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